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Former Student

I am an orphan. In 2006 I lived with my grandmother in western province where I was in Primary 6. Thata year I sat for primary 6 National examination and received the highest grade. Unfortunately I didn’t keep on with my studies because my grandmother couldn’t afford my school fees. I left the rural area and went to Kigali to look for a job, but didn’t find work, and had to go on the street. I had no home or anything I needed, and then I met a kind man called Alexis RUHUMURIZA. He took me into his own Catch up Program, because I had missed three years. He also took me into his home and cared me for everything I needed. The amazing thing was, I was as his son. From that time my studies went ahead well, and with his financial support I completed my secondary school in 2014 with an A2 diploma in general mechanics and joined real life. Now I am a technician in Nyamata industry, and I wish to enhance my academic levels of studying so I can become a great engineer. I thank HFC, especially my brother Alexis, for his commitment and love in changing my life status. I wish him to be blessed in all of his projects.



    I was born in 1994 in Kigali city. I have only one parent, the other died when I was 12. I am one of the children who were taken by ALEXIS RUHUMURIZA to his home, and he helped me from primary grade one. Currently I’m in senior six with the goal of progressing in my studies. Alexis took me from the street known as Sodoma, where prostitution was taking place, and I thank him for all his help. May God bless him, and I know that tomorrow will be better than today.

      TUYISENGE J. Baptiste


      I was born in 1990 at Kigali. When I was only four years old, the genocide against Tutsis took all of my family, even my parents. Being a total orphan complicated my life; I was homeless and became a wanderer on the street for six years. During that period I lived in Nyanza in the city dump for ten years. In 2007 I met with the cheerful man named Alexis RUHUMURIZA through Evangelization ministry. He started preaching about Jesus to me, and asked me deeply more about my life. Then he decided to train me in life skills, and took me in his home where I felt comfort. Not only that but he also helped me to study with his approval. I’ m now in senior five with the goal of completing my studies so as to make my ambitions to become into reality. I want to work hard by imitating Alexis RUHUMURIZA as my role model.

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